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Branding, Advertising and Marketing (B.A.M.)
March 24, 2018  
Branding, Advertising and Marketing (B.A.M.)
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August 2006

August 14, 2006

via The New York Times

If you use Yahoo’s Web search engine to learn about hybrid cars, the site will quietly note that you fit into a group of users it calls “Consciously Cruising.”

  ...full story

August 8, 2006

via Online Media Daily

In a deal that will vastly expand Google's available ad inventory, Fox Interactive Network has tapped Google to power paid search on all of the company's Web properties, including the hugely popular social networking site MySpace.com, gaming site IGN Entertainment, and movie site Rotten Tomatoes.   ...full story


June 2006

June 29, 2006

via Washington Post

When the government's attempt to relax media ownership rules was defeated in court two years ago, some hailed it as a victory against putting too much power in the hands of too few media lords.  ...full story

June 26, 2006

via The Globe and Mail

User-driven sites such as MySpace.com can help advertisers reach coveted youths as long as the marketers are willing to break free from traditional approaches, a MySpace executive said.

  ...full story

June 17, 2006

via Globe and Mail

Whether he intended to or not, Bill Gates has signalled to the world that Microsoft Corp., the troubled software powerhouse he co-founded 30 years ago, has left its wild youth behind and entered a more sedate period of prosperous middle age.   ...full story

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