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March 18, 2018  
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Health Career Agents announces new owner/operator business funding options
September 29, 2005
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St. Louis, Mo. -- Health Career Agents announced new funding options for its Owner/Operator Program that, according to the company, provide prospective Owners with choices for financing the initial investment they pay for training, software and support.

"We've put together a host of funding products for new Owners to consider utilizing," stated Steven Deutschmann, Chief Financial Officer of Health Career Agents. "Depending on a person's assets and credit score, we can now get very competitive, if not preferred, rates for them. In fact, we can usually arrange funding that eliminates the need for a down payment and/or covers initial living expenses."

"As a CPA, once a prospective Owner provides me with the necessary financial information, I can determine which funding option is the best for them. It may be an SBA loan, home equity line of credit, or even commercial credit. It all depends on the situation," says Deutschmann.

Health Career Agents financing options are available immediately, according to the company, and funding can be accessed prior to the Baltimore Owner Training, September 24-25, or the Health Career Agents National Conference in Orlando, October 21-23.

"These funding options were important for us to put together since the cost of the Owner Program is increasing after the October Conference in Orlando, however, the smart entrepreneur can take advantage of these funding options now," says Brian Calsyn, President of Health Career Agents.

"Before consideration is given to financing though, a person should evaluate the Owner Program and make sure that they are both committed to the business and accepted (for the Owner Program) by our company," adds Mr. Calsyn.

Health Career Agents requires that every prospective Owner/Operator go through the following Evaluation Process:
·Review a Template Business Plan detailing operations, sales and marketing strategy
·Participate in a Technology Web Conference with a Health Career Agents Trainer
·Interview with current Owners on the Health Career Agents Evaluation Board

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