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Franchise Development (F.D.)
March 17, 2018  
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HR and Payroll Solutions -- Ceridian:


Experience the freedom of versatility with product packages designed specifically for growing businesses. Regardless of your need, Ceridian has the right combination of payroll, tax and financial solutions that will give you the freedom to grow your business.

Ceridian HR/Payroll Solutions is the perfect solution for growing companies that need more than a core payroll and tax service. HR/Payroll Solutions provides an employee self-service solution that frees you from administrative tasks, a solution that supports work-life balance and frees your employees to concentrate on your business objectives.

Ceridian Managed HR Services is an online human resource management service that can be added to our HR/Payroll Solutions package. With Ceridian Managed HR Services, employees can enroll for benefits, record important benefit-related life events such as marriage or a new baby, record a change of address, or even change their W-4; all online, on their own. Ceridian Managed HR Services comes with 32 management reports, and includes an ad hoc report writer, so you can customize your HR data to fit your business’s needs. Ceridian Managed HR Services also allows you to create unique data fields to track information that’s important to you.

Payroll Services includes the choice of submission via Internet, fax or phone, check signing and sealing, same-day reporting, earnings registers and standard management reports. Customer service is provided by a dedicated account representative – not a call center.

Tax Services include the deposit of federal, state and local taxes, quarterly and annual tax filing and reconciliation reports and is fully compliant with all government regulations. Source Tax Online allows you to access your tax information any time via the Internet.

Payment Solutions offers two convenient and secure ways to pay employees that relieve you from the burden of reconciling multiple payroll transactions. Official Ceridian Check and Ceridian Direct Deposit reduce your banking fees and provide a measure of security against fraudulent, stolen or misplaced checks.

Human Resources self-service allows employees to complete their timesheets and view basic time off and pay stubs online. Managers and administrators can manage the data through modification tools and a host of reports.

Employee Effectiveness solutions offered through Ceridian LifeWorks® help your employees address life’s challenges so they can stay focused on your business. Consultations and materials are available 24/7 to provide information on a wide range of subjects, resources and referrals.

Receive a free three-month trial of our Abstracts newsletter. Keep up-to-date on the compliance issues that are important to all businesses, all delivered timely via email.

Add the Ceridian Managed HR Services Solutions package to round out your total HR/payroll solution.

Employee Self-Service allows employees to manage their benefit enrollment, personal data and tax changes.

Manager Self-Service provides access to employee data and the ability to print standard reports or create custom reports.

Administrator Self-Service furnishes the ability to view and modify payroll, HR and benefits data, create custom data fields, create and print reports and track changes through the audit trail.

Standard Reports include dozens of options to report and track pertinent information quickly and easily.

For more information call 1-800-We-Pay-You or visit us on the Web at www.ceridiansmallbusiness.com.

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