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Franchise Development (F.D.)
March 17, 2018  
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Leadership Development and Performance Improvement -- Novations:

It has been said that the only constant is change. Certainly, the past two decades have proven this to be true: globalization, flatter organizational structure, virtual teaming, outsourcing and reengineering. In today's market, it's more about performance and contribution than titles or career ladders. Employees need to understand how they fit into the organization, how they can contribute and be valued. Organizations want—and need—high-performing employees who contribute in greater, more meaningful ways.

The Novations’ Approach

Based on research pioneered by former Harvard Business School professors Gene Dalton and Paul Thompson, Novations’ Four StagesÔ of Contribution Model makes clear how high-performers contribute. It is a proven framework for performance management and development. The Four Stages identifies how employees contribute as they grow throughout their careers and describes what high performance is in each stage.

The model provides a framework shows that people are more valued by companies when they expand their contribution over time. Most employees transition from helping and learning (Stage 1) to contributing independently (Stage 2). Those who are able to leverage their work by contributing through others (Stage 3) as a coach, informal mentor, idea leader, or manager, as well as the few who lead the strategic direction of organizations (Stage 4), have the most impact on organizations. It is the Stage 3 and 4 contributors primarily who drive their companies’ competitive advantage and innovation. Each stage is unique requiring different activities, skills, and interaction.

stage 1: contributing dependently

  • Accepts supervision and direction willingly
  • Demonstrates success on a portion of a larger project or task
  • Masters basic and routine tasks

stage 2: contributing independently

  • Works independently and produces significant results
  • Assumes responsibility for definable projects
  • Increases in technical expertise and ability

stage 3: contributing through others

  • Develops broad business perspective
  • Involved as a manager, mentor, or idea leader in developing and contributing through others
  • Coaches, conducts development discussions

stage 4: contributing strategically

  • Provides vision/direction to the organization
  • Defines/drives critical business opportunities
  • Represents the organization on critical strategic issues

Movement from one stage to another is a complex and often difficult transition. It requires a renegotiation of expectations and relationships with others and often, a significant shift in the ways individuals get their work done. This renegotiation is called a “novation.”

Executing the Model

For most companies, the process of translating the organizational vision into reality becomes the greatest challenge. Novations provides relevant solutions to help organizations execute their vision. Our range of consulting, training, technology, and measurement solutions, impacts contribution at all stages. These solutions can be combined or used independently.

Consutlting Offerings

  • Competency Development
  • Job Analysis Consulting
  • Performance Management
  • Private Skills Consulting
  • Strategic Communication
  • Succession Planning

Training Offerings

  • Communicating with C.A.R.E.
  • Creating Loyal Customers: Sales & Service
  • Effective Communicating
  • Executive Coaching
  • Facilitating Results
  • How We Make Money
  • Impact Leadership
  • Leadership Forum
  • Managing Managers: Retail/Service
  • Manager’s Mindset
  • Retail Management Series: Retail/Service
  • Strategic Communication Skills for Leaders
  • TalentCoaching
  • TalentDevelopment
  • TalentSelection
  • Vision/Mission/Values Forum

Technology-Based Solutions

  •  Leading The Team—Simulation
  • Managing Priorities
  • SkilAnalyzer
  • Strategic Thinking—Simulation
  • TalentDevelopment—E-learning
  • TalentSelection—E-learning

Measurement Solutions

  • 360-Degree Surveys
  • Org. and Employee Surveys
  • TalentSelection ROI Survey

For more information go to www.novations.com.

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