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March 18, 2018  
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Payment Solutions -- Paymentech:

Electronic Payment Services

Paymentech’s payment services allow merchants to accept bank ACH payments and also card payments from any major card brand.  Through the ACH system, merchants can access funds at any U.S. or Canadian bank utilized by its customers. Cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners, Carte Blanche and JCB cards.

Acceptance is a multi-function event, as Paymentech: 

  • Works with client to determine the best system for initiating a payment transaction (i.e. software solution, POS terminals, internet gateway);
  • Provides the communications networks to carry the transaction;
  • Provides systems to receive and process the transactions;
  • Interfaces to the appropriate card authorization system(s) to settle and move the resulting funds of the transaction.

In addition, Paymentech operates backend systems to assist the client in managing the payment transaction lifecycle, which includes providing reporting, data files and chargeback resolution systems. In 2002, Paymentech processed $123 billion of credit card transactions.

Two key services offered by Paymentech are NetConnect and Paymentech Online.


Providing fast, secure and affordable payment processing at Internet speeds, NetConnect is a secure and direct Internet connection to Paymentech's authorization center that can reduce the average processing time from 10 to 15 seconds for a dial-up connection to a mere three seconds.

Transactions are processed with the utmost security. Paymentech authenticates every single transaction and requires them to be encrypted using industry-standard SSL encryption. NetConnect's built-in security features make it a powerful tool against hackers who steal merchant ID numbers and use them to make fraudulent card refunds.

This service is vastly more affordable than frame-relay connections, offering an alternative for small- and mid-size merchants. Because it utilizes Internet connections such as a digital subscriber line (DSL), NetConnect allows merchants to continue to take calls and send faxes while they are processing transactions.

Paymentech Online

Offering secure, convenient and reliable access to critical business data, Paymentech is a partner for enhancing bottom-line results through speed, efficiency and innovation. Paymentech Online provides advanced online access to the information and services a business needs most for a competitive edge in day-to-day data management. The service offers virtually instant access to transaction data, as well as formats and robust web-based reporting that are customizable to each merchant’s business structure.

Paymentech Online improves performance and helps make more informed decisions about payment processing now and in the future. Offering 24-hour, 365-day access, Paymentech Online provides a secure, single source for the critical business information, such as comprehensive data on deposits, authorizations, interchange, issuer, card type, cardholder detail and more.

Merchants are given constant access to all your financial and transactional data, with up to six months of historical information available online. Using our advanced transaction history search capabilities, merchants can quickly obtain the detailed information needed to manage their business. Users can also search online for manuals, technical specifications, product sheets and additional Paymentech news and information.

Please visit www.paymentech.com for more details.

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