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March 20, 2018  
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Ed Coyle, of the DoD Logistics AIT Office, to discuss the new RFID policy in free webinar
April 27, 2005
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With more than 400 registered executives already, the free RFID for Defense Suppliers webinar will be a perfect opportunity to understand and comment on the Department of Defense’s recent proposed regulations requiring suppliers to identify shipments with radio frequency identification tags.

The free webinar will feature Ed Coyle, Chief of the Logistics Automatic Identification Technology Office for the US Department of Defense, LTC. Charles Burke, USA Chief of the U.S. Army Logistics Network Taskforce, Savi, Symbol and Zebra, along with senior defense manufacturing and supply chain industry executives to discuss RFID for Defense Suppliers on Wednesday, May 4, 2005, 11:00 a.m. EST. You can still register free at: www.xtalks.com

The Department of Defense released a broad and far reaching policy on the use of active and passive RFID in July of 2004. The policy impacts DOD suppliers and internal operations. The presentation will discuss the policy, benefits across the DOD Supply Chain and highlight implementation projects underway. The timing of the event places allows suppliers to both listen and question the policy with the comment period, following the recent proposed Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement amendment outlining suppliers’ RFID requirements (DFARS Case 2004-D011).

Mr. Coyle leads the DOD Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) Office with a mission to incorporate automatic information data collection into business processes across DOD’s supply chain. He develops policy and coordinates the military services and agencies efforts to use AIT to help transform logistics operations and improve readiness across DOD. A key player in the DoD’s RFID initiatives, he has over 30 years experience in transportation and logistics.

“As organizations like the Department of Defense and Wal-Mart begin to require their suppliers to implement RFID, ’business as usual’ no longer exists,” says JP Fozo, Group Vice President of Honeycomb Worldwide Inc., Xtalks’ parent company. “We’re helping bring industry leaders together in real time to share ideas, best practices and case studies. You no longer have to book flights and hotel reservations to hear industry experts speak about issues that matter to you. You can close your office door for an hour or two and converse with leading authorities on the other side of the country or the world.”

Commenting on the effectiveness of a recent Xtalks RFID event featuring Simon Langford of Wal-Mart, Mike Meranda, EPCglobal US President said, “EPCglobal was thrilled to present the introduction for this group of supply chain executives—the dialogue and discussion were first rate.” 

“Xtalks' 'RFID Implementation' webinar brought together the top end users, technology vendors, and thinkers in the RFID space,” added Ed Hess, Editor of Integrated Solutions Magazine, referring to Xtalks’ previous event featuring Simon Langford of Wal-Mart. “As a media sponsor of the event, we were ecstatic to see the level of commitment and execution that Xtalks showed in making the event a huge success. It was informative and filled with new and fresh insights from Wal-Mart's top RFID strategist. The Q&A session was highly interactive and addressed a range of RFID issues. In terms of online events, it set a standard that others will have trouble matching." 

The web conference is co-sponsored by Savi Technology. (www.savi.com), Symbol Technologies (www.symbol.com), and Zebra Technologies (www.zebra.com), who will present a workshop before the Q&A session. The conference is also produced in partnership with Integrated Solutions Magazine (www.integratedsolutionsmag.com), Defense Daily/ Terror Response Technology Report/ Airport Security Report (www.defensedaily.com), Supply & Demand Chain Executive (www.sdcexec.com),

Honeycomb Connect (www.honeycombconnect.com), and Silicon Valley NORTH (www.svn.ca).

This web conference will be of particular interest to managers and executives in the defense industry, as well as retail, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, supply chain management and packaged goods industries. Registration for the event is currently open and free at www.xtalks.com 

“Xtalks is about reengineering the traditional events industry,” says John Hughes, CEO of Xtalks Inc. and parent company Honeycomb Worldwide Inc. “It’s about taking a quantum leap in the delivery of debate and discussion on hot topics in a time frame that is impossible for traditional conference companies to match. The convergence of the event management and new media industries is going to touch every executive in their search for time sensitive, quality content and discussion. The business community at large is going to benefit from the ease of accessibility, cost effectiveness and efficiency that models such as Xtalks will bring. The way business is conducted is changing at a rapid pace; we’re very excited about being a major catalyst for this profound transformation.”

Xtalks (recently featured in the Times article Conference call that spans the globe: http://business.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,16689-1364240,00.html) brings industry experts to desktops around the world in a web-based information network that provides insight into breaking business issues through interactive digital web conferences. By leveraging the best of hi-speed Internet and telecom technology, Xtalks provides a fantastic forum for highly interactive communication. Xtalks web conferences allow anyone with interest in a particular topic to participate in a web meeting by synchronizing their desktop computer and phone alongside industry experts. Xtalks is part of The Honeycomb Worldwide Group of Companies (www.honeycombworldwide.com), including Honeycomb Connect, a leader in executive networking, event management, web conferencing, publishing, and digital media with offices in North America and Europe.

For more information on this conference or Xtalks in general, or to enquire about speaking opportunities or sponsoring future events, visit www.xtalks.com or contact JP Fozo, Group Vice President, Business Development, at phone: 416-977-6555 x291: e-mail jpfozo@xtalks.com.

RFID for Defense Suppliers
May 4, 11:00 a.m. EST
Ed Coyle, Chief of  the DoD Logistics Automatic Identification Technology Office, US Department of Defense
LTC. Charles Burke, USA Chief, US Army Logistics Network Task Force

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