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Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
March 18, 2018  
Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
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Barnes & Thornburg LLP is one of the Midwest’s largest law firms, offering clients virtually all the areas of specialization one would expect in a large, full-service firm.

But we also offer clients an advantage that we consider both valuable and distinctive. We offer attributes of a national firm while preserving a Midwest firm culture. How does this work to our client’s advantage? The answer, in part, depends on the nature and needs of the particular client.

For national and international clients more accustomed to hiring legal advisors based on experience and cost as opposed to physical location, we offer “money center” legal acumen and solutions at substantially lower costs than our national competitors. This reflects the cost advantages inherent in our Midwestern base and our investment in technology.

For local and regional clients, where physical accessibility to their legal advisors is important, we offer all of the sophisticated skills developed through our national and international practices to provide local solutions at rates that local legal consumers are accustomed to paying.

To all of our clients, we offer the integrity, compassion and personal commitment typically associated with America’s heartland. We take time to learn about our clients and their businesses. We measure our success by the success of our clients. We do not take our success for granted. We endeavor to earn it daily by combining a rich tradition of innovative problem-solving with good old fashioned hard work. It is a heritage of which we are proud.

We have more than 70 dedicated practice and industry areas to serve clients. The firm’s main areas of practice include litigation, intellectual property, labor and employment, business law, governmental services and finance, energy, telecommunications, transportation and utilities, environmental, healthcare and creditors’ rights.

Within all these areas, we strive to help clients achieve solutions that span national borders. We represent many of the world’s largest companies in U.S. legal matters, and assist a broad array of U.S. companies operating abroad to achieve their international business objectives. We enjoy large Pacific Rim and immigration practices. We are members of TerraLex, a highly selective, international network of nearly 150 leading independent law firms located in nearly 100 countries with more than 14,000 attorneys, and TechLaw Group, Inc., an international association of 20 law firms that focuses on technology companies and technology issues. The firm also is a member of the State Capital Global Law Firm Group, an association of nearly 120 independent law firms in all 50 U.S. state capitals and in capital cities, business markets and financial centers throughout the world. Through these relationships, we offer our clients access to top legal professionals around the globe.

We invite you to learn more about our other diverse practice and industry areas, which include financial institutions, trade associations, transportation and global logistics, aviation, E-commerce, foreign trade and customs, higher education and many more. You can find a description of each of these and other areas in the services section of the Web site.

Whether your legal needs are local, national or international, we invite you to discover the advantages of working with Barnes & Thornburg.

For more information please visit the website at http://www.btlaw.com

It's an exciting time here at HB&B and throughout the legal and business communities. The rate of change in business today is unprecedented.  

We have witnessed new rules being made and broken at an accelerating pace. This provides us with an opportunity, rather than a challenge, to interpret the law and create new business strategies as questions and issues arise that are new to both the courts and the marketplace.

It is important to keep pace and create winning strategies.  For more than 65 years, we have witnessed many of these dynamic changes and take pride in our unrivaled ability to remain firmly committed to servicing our clients by understanding their unique needs, creating business solutions and interpreting the law.

About the Firm

For more than 65 years, HB&B has been recognized as a leading law firm in California. We provide services through more than 90 lawyers practicing in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego and Riverside.

At HB&B, we have more experienced, top-level litigators than most firms in the country. We assist our clients in a variety of practice areas including: commercial litigation & intellectual property; product liability & tort litigation; employment & labor; professional liability; life sciences; toxic tort & environmental law; risk management & insurance law; appellate; business solutions; and admiralty & transportation law. Our broad and deep experience in all phases of civil litigation enables us to analyze every option, from arbitration to jury trial, based on our client's goals.

Our philosophy has been developed through the handling of thousands of cases in diverse areas of expertise. We are committed to providing superior service and establishing long term relationships with our clients. Our attorneys work in teams, regardless of office location or practice group, to better understand our clients' needs and proactively assist in resolving business and legal issues. We strive to achieve a well thought out strategy that consistently delivers desired results for our clients.


The firm was founded in 1937 when Sidney A. Moss (1893-1963) opened his law office in Los Angeles. Some years later, he joined forces with a labor and probate lawyer, George C. Lyon (1906-1990), and formed the firm of Moss & Lyon. In 1948, Gerold C. Dunn (1911-1980) joined the firm, which then practiced as Moss, Lyon & Dunn until 1967, when Gerold Dunn was appointed by then Governor Reagan to the California Court of Appeal. Under the management of Fulton "Bill" Haight (1923-1997) the firm practiced as Haight, Lyon, Smith & Nye and eventually Haight, Brown & Bonesteel LLP. Throughout the 1970's and 1980's, HB&B experienced rapid growth in all areas of litigation and built its reputation for excellence through its successful representation of corporate and insurance clients in trial and appellate matters. In 1987, both Mr. Smith and Mr. Lyon retired from the firm after more than 40 years of service. A year later, after nearly 20 years of management and leadership, Mr. Haight stepped down. Dennis K. Wheeler, a Senior Partner who has been with HB&B for over 20 years, is the current Managing Partner.

To find out more visit our website at http://www.hbblaw.com

Founded in New York in 1901, White & Case has lawyers in the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our clients are public and privately held commercial businesses and financial institutions, as well as governments and state-owned entities, involved in sophisticated corporate and financial transactions and complex dispute resolution proceedings.

International practice is the foundation of our firm, and we have been involved in transactions in virtually every corner of the world. Our commitment to each region of the world is substantial. We have a critical mass of U.S., English, and domestic lawyers throughout the world who are either native to or fully integrated in the regions where they are based.

White & Case is distinguished not only by the depth and scope of its legal advisory services, but also by unmatched experience in the international arena, particularly in providing legal advisory services to, and in, developing or emerging countries. The Firm's lawyers have decades of experience in multijurisdictional issues in numerous legal systems – some well established, some in their infancy – as well as in transitional economic and political systems. Consequently, we are known for unusual effectiveness in helping clients accomplish their objectives in environments others find daunting and unfamiliar.

Our knowledge, like our clients' interests, transcends geographic boundaries. All of our clients have access to the expertise of our lawyers, wherever they are based. As a single partnership, White & Case functions as an integrated team. Our lawyers are linked by constant interaction and an electronic infrastructure that allows us to bring the Firm's wealth of experience and all its global resources to bear on clients' most demanding business and legal issues – promptly and efficiently.

On a daily basis, our clients are involved in undertakings documented under four or five governing laws and of interest to as many taxing authorities; in transactions involving principals and lenders from a dozen countries; or in disputes involving assets in multiple countries. We move quickly, efficiently and with substantial knowledge of the differing terrains to complete deals, mitigate problems, obtain information and resolve complexities simultaneously in many places and across numerous dimensions.

For more information please visit our website at http://www.whitecase.com

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