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Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
March 17, 2018  
Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
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Fortis Investments selects unified employee management system
July 7, 2004
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San Mateo, Calif. – Fortis Investments has deployed Siebel Employee Relationship Management (ERM) in order to create a globally unified employee management system. Fortis Investments has deployed Siebel ERM to all 670 employees in 12 countries to improve corporate performance, increase human resources (HR) efficiency and position its employees and managers to contribute to faster revenue growth and superior execution of corporate objectives.

"Success in the asset management business is driven by the quality of our people,” says Michel Laureys, Director of HR, Fortis Investments. “We need to be certain we recruit, develop, and retain the best employees in the market. This comprehensive approach, supported by Siebel ERM, allows Fortis Investments to efficiently manage end-to-end relationships with our employees, wherever they are based."

Prior to deploying Siebel ERM, Fortis Investments had no single system for managing relationships with its global employee network. Each regional office used a separate system for recruiting staff and managing employee performance, training and compensation. With a new, enterprise-wide ERM strategy, the company aims to minimize the cost of delivering HR services and increase HR effectiveness using globally coordinated business processes. Additionally, the company wanted tools that would enable its HR organization to become less transaction-focused and provide a more proactive, strategic advisory role. Fortis Investments also wanted to be able to efficiently and accurately measure employee performance and compensate its workforce accordingly.

Employees, managers and HR professionals will now have a single portal-based source of information regarding employee skills, competencies, career path management and succession planning and the overall structure of the company, as well as a 'who's who' employee directory.

"We are now able to effectively manage new recruit hiring and training, employee performance assessment, career development and compensation,” says Laureys.

At Fortis Investments, Siebel ERM is assisting in the creation of a positive learning environment by enhancing employees' competency profiles, skills assessments and personal development plans. Employees can create their own personal development plans and easily locate and register for training needed to develop desired skills. Recruitment has been similarly transformed: employee vacancy tracking provides information regarding open headcount and allows management to review the status of new candidates during the recruiting cycle. Employees are also benefiting from new compensation planning. Fortis Investments now plans consistent salary, promotions and bonus programs worldwide, with reduced administration costs. This means the company is able to reward employees appropriately with financial compensation based on clear tangible results, professional achievement and competitive benchmarks.   
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