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Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
March 17, 2018  
Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
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HR gets most Hispanics applicants through the internet
July 30, 2004
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Miami, Fla. -- If you want a job, get out and meet people. But use the Internet, as well. A June poll by Hispanic job board LatPro and the National Society of Hispanic Professionals found that about two in three job seekers got their jobs through networking or employment Web sites. The survey, whose results are posted on the National Society’s Web site (NSHP.org), is the first of a monthly series that will examine job seeker behavior. It comes as the economy and employment market have taken an encouraging turn. But the improved job picture has left some unemployed workers in a quandary: how best to find their next position.

Of nearly 100 job seekers who responded to the LatPro-NSHP study, 38 percent said they’d found work through personal contacts, while 26 percent said the Internet was their pipeline to a position. Job boards are an increasingly important method of seeking employment because they give job seekers access to huge volumes of information quickly. But, the survey highlights that personal touch is still an effective way of tracking down opportunities.

“Job boards have changed the way people look for work but smart job seekers know not to rely on them exclusively,” says Eric Shannon, the founder of LatPro. “It’s often daily interaction with people that produces great job leads.”

A surprising 18 percent of people in the poll attained employment by starting their own business while just 13 percent of respondents found work through newspaper ads. That underlines the sea change in job seeker behavior away from print resources, which once dominated the job search market.

Shannon said the main advantage of niche job boards, smaller, industry-, regional- or profession- specific Web sites is their ability to provide job seekers with easily accessible, targeted information. Recruiters like using these sites because they are assured of a focused audience.

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