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Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
March 18, 2018  
Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
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Getting OFCCP job posting compliance right
March 7, 2005
Chris Cella, TruStar Solutions
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Companies with federal contractor status are paying more attention than ever to the compliance requirements of the OFCCP as they relate to talent management. From compensation to applicant reporting, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has a myriad of rules and regulations that government contractors must follow, or face stiff consequences. Even job posting methods, as mundane and transactional as they may seem, require special attention from companies that do business with the government.

The Need

The OFCCP requires that federal contractors post all of their open positions to either local state run employment offices, or America’s Job Bank* (AJB) for compliance. The initial aim of this regulation was to make sure that job postings were being placed in locations where they could be easily accessed by eligible veterans. Not posting your positions through these avenues can incur some serious penalties from the federal government, including steep fines and even the possibility of contract termination.

Companies typically try to follow this regulation by either manually sending each one of their openings to their local employment office, or posting each one of their positions to AJB. These two methods can be extremely labor intensive and time consuming, especially considering the fact that many large government contractors post hundreds or thousands of positions a month.

The inefficient process of sending all of a company’s positions to the local employment office is extremely difficult to improve because it requires a high level of customization. Fortunately, recently developed technologies are allowing companies to drive cost out of their system of posting to AJB by automating the posting process.    

The Available Solutions

The current market for automated job posting efficiency tools is relatively narrow. A few job boards offer the service as a part of an overall posting contract, and a new breed of stand-alone solutions have been introduced specifically to meet this need.

Companies looking for ways to automate their AJB job posting process should be aware of the key considerations when choosing how to proceed:

  • You must to be able to prove that every one of your open positions was posted to AJB in order to meet the compliance requirement.
  • The solution should be affordable, and should increase your efficiency enough to far outweigh the cost of the solution.

The Best Practices

In order to make sure you meet the provability requirement, your postings must be sent to AJB in a uniquely named batch file that identifies your company with your posting. If this is done correctly, AJB can run a report for your company when the OFCCP requests your information.

Most of the job boards that offer the automated service do not, by default, send AJB files in a format which can be later used to prove compliance. If these companies wanted AJB to run a report of all of their postings for an OFCCP request, there is no process in place for AJB to meet that need.

With the new breed of stand-alone solutions designed specifically to make posting to AJB more efficient, each company can pull a report from AJB in order to meet the OFCCPs requirements. The client-company simply posts their jobs to their corporate career site as they normally would, and the service automatically posts the position to AJB in a completely compliant format.

The low cost, completely automated services are by far the most useful advancement in the area of OFCCP compliant job posting services since the issue came to the forefront of corporate recruiting. They allow companies to save time, save money, and meet the government’s strict posting requirements. In addition, the same technologies can also be applied to other areas of special focus, such as posting to diversity sites in support of an affirmative action plan.

In Short

Every government contractor is concerned about building efficiency into their OFCCP mandated processes, and the newest breed of automated compliance job posting tools answers that concern with remarkable ease of use and cross-functionality.

Chris Leech
Director of Business Solutions
TruStar Solutions
10029 E. 126th Street, Suite D
Fishers, IN 46038
888-547-4472 x420

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