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Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
March 18, 2018  
Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
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Best Employers in Canada survey starts
March 31, 2005
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Toronto, Canada. -- A call for participants in the seventh annual Best Employers in Canada study was issued today by survey sponsors Hewitt Associates,  the global human resources firm, and Report on Business magazine. Interested organizations are invited to register at www.hewitt.com/bestemployerscanada by May 31, 2005 to take part in the 2006 study.

As in past years, the study results will be used to determine the list of the Best Employers in Canada. The list will be published in the January 2006 issue of Report on Business, available in the December 23rd, 2005 edition of The Globe and Mail newspaper. For the second year in a row, the list will also be published in the French daily newspaper La Presse on the same day it appears in Report on Business magazine.

For the first time since the Best Employers in Canada study began, organizations will have a choice of survey options. The new Benchmark option caters to organizations that are primarily interested in finding out how they stack up against the Best Employers in Canada. These organizations may now choose a shorter, quicker version of the study. The other choice, the Research option, allows employers to benchmark their organization as well as gain in- depth insight into what is influencing their employees' engagement.

"The Research option is valued by the growing number of organizations that are using the annual Best Employers study as their primary employee survey," says Hewitt consultant, Ted Emond. "We are very pleased to be able to offer organizations the Benchmark option but we expect that many employers will choose the Research option with its more comprehensive reporting capabilities."

The Best Employers in Canada study, regardless of which survey option an organization chooses, consists of three survey components - the employee, leadership and HR surveys. However, the employee survey carries the most weight in determining an organization's ranking.

In order to be eligible to participate, organizations must have at least 300 Canadian-based employees and have operated in Canada for a minimum of three years. Participation is absolutely free and the study is open to all employers that meet these criteria, whether public or private sector, charitable or not-for-profit.

For more information or to register to participate in the Best Employers in Canada 2006 study, please visit www.hewitt.com/bestemployerscanada. All participants in the study, regardless of ranking, receive a complimentary report of their individual results benchmarked against those of the Best Employers in Canada for 2006.

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