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Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
March 24, 2018  
Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
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Diversity Solutions:

ProGroup Inc.

Diversity is now recognized as a critical factor for success in any business. Organizations acknowledge that their people, who are increasingly diverse, are their most important asset—an asset they can't afford to lose. As the marketplace has become more multicultural, organizations also see many opportunities to meet the product and service needs of diverse populations.

For over 18 years, ProGroup Inc., a pioneer in diversity consulting, training and education, has guided companies in developing solutions that dramatically improve retention and productivity in the workplace and sales and service in the marketplace. PrGroups clients include some of the world’s top Fortune 500 firms and cover a broad range of industries—retail, hospitality, healthcare, financial services, insurance, technology, law, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, government, education, and non-profit.

With over 70 skilled consultants worldwide, ProGroup brings an experienced knowledge base to respond to your company’s unique challenges and opportunities. ProGroup starts by understanding your business goals and assessing your needs. Whether the end result is a strategic plan, diversity training, a leadership alignment session, a cultural audit, a targeted mentoring program, an e-learning solution or just plain advice, ProGroup brings knowledge and innovation to the situation.

Every program ProGroup delivers is different because every organization is different...that's diversity. A sample of some of the services, programs and tools that we provide includes:

Strategic Diversity Planning and Research

Drawing on real-time data about your organization, market, and industry, ProGroup assists you in defining and clarifying your diversity objectives and advising on implementation strategies and metrics. We also offer customized cultural audits that uncover diversity issues that most employee surveys miss.

Customized Diversity Training In A Variety of Delivery Formats

ProGroup facilitates organization-wide diversity training as well as programs specifically geared for executives, managers, sales, customer service, and human resources. Train-the-Trainer certification is also available.

Our breakthrough programs result in behavioral change and are regarded as the best in the industry. Through self-assessment tools and customized situational exercises, participants learn how biases and assumptions impact their behaviors, how these behaviors impact interactions with co-workers and customers, and develop new skills to become Diversity Change Agents.

Training can be delivered in a variety of formats. ProGroup Players teaches diversity awareness and skills in a theater format to groups of up to 500 people at a time. Our online Everday Diversity™ program can also be blended with on-site diversity training.

Ongoing Education & Tools to Sustain a Respectful Environment

From our award-winning Honoring DifferencesÔ diversity calendar to the Managers’ ToolkitÔ, ProGroup offers a variety of tools to reinforce and extend learning, and send a message of inclusiveness throughout your organization. Combining information and interactivity, the Toolkit delivers 24/7 advice, activities, and forward-thinking content in an online community where managers share ideas and network with smart problem-solvers.

Mentoring Programs

For employee development, retention and succession planning, ProGroup’s highly effective mentoring solutions are specifically designed to help pairs engage in meaningful dialogues across differences and build a culture of inclusiveness.

Global Training and Workshops

ProGroup has substantial experience in helping companies develop and rollout diversity programs worldwide.  For increasing the effectiveness of your global effort—team interactions, communication, sales, and service—cultural competency workshops are also available.

Diversity Councils

From selecting council members to setting the mission and establishing protocol, ProGroup is there to assist you. ProGroup also offers training to council members, giving them the tools and skills to effectively communicate the intent of the initiative within the organization and act as Diversity Change Agents.

For more information, visit www.progroupinc.com.

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