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Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
March 18, 2018  
Corporate H.R. Officers (C.H.R.O.M.E.)
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March 29, 2006

via Globe and Mail

'People can send an e-mail to the president or the CEO. That's perfectly acceptable.'   ...full story

March 28, 2006

via Webpronews.com

The Coca-Cola Company is using a blog as a communication channel through which the 55,000 employees of the global company can provide their views on Coca-Cola's vision, mission and values.   ...full story

March 28, 2006

via Inc.com

Some businesses that once feared whistleblowers are now giving workers new ways to report wrongdoing.   ...full story

March 26, 2006

via The New York Times

Like many top executives, James R. Lavoie and Joseph M. Marino keep a close eye on the stock market. But the two men, co-founders of Rite-Solutions, a software company that builds advanced — and highly classified — command-and-control systems for the Navy, don't worry much about Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange.

  ...full story

March 22, 2006

via Management-Issues

A culture of secrecy and suspicion is stifling the creativity and effectiveness of Britain's managers as their employers fail to give them the freedom to work on their own or trust their staff to deliver.

  ...full story

March 21, 2006

via The Gazette

Smokers squeezed by soaring cigarette costs and workplace smoking bans are increasingly being hit with another cost increase, this time for health insurance.

  ...full story

March 21, 2006

via BBC News

Everybody says that innovation is very important. The trouble is, nobody really knows what innovation is. Or how it happens.

  ...full story

March 15, 2006

via International Herald Tribune

For Caroline Holley, taking a job after meeting the boss once makes about as much sense as agreeing to an arranged marriage.

  ...full story

March 10, 2006

via Globe and Mail

Avoid common blockages to your leadership development by following these tips.  ...full story

March 9, 2006

via Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Experts say most who get laid off won't find work quickly.   ...full story

March 8, 2006

via Management-Issues

Employee satisfaction surveys have evolved from being something of a touchy-feely add-on to a key tool for businesses that want to improve their performance, new research suggests. But are organisations making best use of the information they collect?

  ...full story

March 8, 2006

via New York Times

The General Motors Corporation announced extensive changes to the retirement plans of its salaried employees on Tuesday, a decision that will cut its pension costs by $1.6 billion this year and lead to lower benefits for workers.  ...full story

March 8, 2006

via Toronto Sun

Companies need to better reward their employees' contributions if they want to stay competitive.  ...full story

March 7, 2006

via Daily Breeze

Rewards of several types keep employees on their toes and help to create a positive work environment.
  ...full story

March 7, 2006

via Jackson Hole Star Tribune

An employee enters an unauthorized area of the company, his smart-chip badge triggering a hidden surveillance camera. That sends an alert to a security officer, who uses his laptop or cell phone to monitor what the intruder is up to.  ...full story

March 7, 2006

via Boston Globe

GE Aviation plans to eliminate up to 60 jobs as a result of a decline in orders for military parts.   ...full story

March 3, 2006

via International Herald Tribune

From subsidized child-care facilities and generous health care benefits to free cappuccino and Friday night keg parties, Genentech, the biotechnology company, knows how to keep its employees happy.   ...full story

March 2, 2006

via Independent Online

That fast-food burger, monster take-away sandwich or bag of nutritional nothing you got from the vending machine at work does more than make you sluggish after lunch.   ...full story

March 2, 2006

via The Green Sheet

Annual reviews, or any performance appraisal, can be painful and nerve wracking for both the supervisor and employee. But, they don't have to be. They can be valuable tools for both parties and the company as a whole. Reviews, when conducted correctly, create a more efficient business and make for happier and more productive workers. They can even foster a healthy supervisor/employee relationship of mutual trust and respect.   ...full story

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