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Supply Chain Advanced Network (S.C.A.N.)
March 20, 2018  
Supply Chain Advanced Network (S.C.A.N.)
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In business since 1991, evolveIT (formerly eBusiness Solution Pros, Inc. or evolveIT) is primarily focused on developing, selling and supporting software technology and professional services solutions for supply-chain oriented applications running on highly reliable host-computing platforms, such as IBM System i, UNIX, Linux and Windows servers. evolveIT is also the developer of the award-winning Stay-Linked® thin-client software solution for RF/wireless terminal emulation and ATSM (Advanced Terminal Session Management).

Additional information is available at the company website www.evolveIT.com.

Real-Time Data Capture Systems Integration Services (Barcode and RFID)

evolveIT’s professional services staff have the specific expertise and experience needed to successfully integrate data collected from “real-time” data capture systems with host-based applications. As is the case with any of evolveIT’s services offerings, all phases related to a project of this type can be addressed by evolveIT Professional Services, including project management (initial analysis, specifications, recommendations, planning and scheduling, documentation, etc.) and project delivery (data structure mapping, data transfer application and systems level programming, testing, user training, etc.).  

Web-Facing and Web-based Intra/Internet User Access Programming Services

evolveIT’s professional services staff are trained and certified in the use of tools and technologies related to adding web-based access and browser-based forms interfaces to mature, host-based screen applications. These technologies include the entire suite of IBM WebSphere software utilities and select alternative offerings that feature similar functionality at a more cost-effective price point.

External Systems Integration Services

evolveIT Professional Services has a long track record of success with projects involving the need to integrate external systems with centralized, host-based applications. These systems may be stand-alone PC-based, server based or host-based as well, but the goal is the same: analyze the external system’s processing, data and file structures and create procedures and application program code that will automate the sharing of transactional information between all systems involved.

Packaged ERP Software Systems Customization and Extension Services

evolveIT’s professional services staff are experienced and proficient in the area of analyzing packaged ERP software systems and creating software extensions that provide required functionality beyond that which is standard with these types of offerings. This work may include adding or modifying data structures and processing specifications, as well as creating or modifying application program code. Specific packaged ERP software systems that evolveIT has experience with include MAPICS, BPCS, EnterpriseOne and PeopleSoft World (previously OneWorld and JDE World), and several others.

Wireless Terminal Emulation and Session Management Product (Stay-Linked™)

Stay-Linked™ from evolveIT is an award-winning, highly-specialized software solution for RF/Wireless Terminal environments. It provides valuable centralized “Terminal Session Management” functionality for IT support staff and eliminates the negative effects of productivity-robbing connectivity issues between wireless terminal users and host-based applications.

Since debuting nearly two years ago, Stay-Linked has been enthusiastically received by customers seeking to gain greater control over RF/Wireless terminal devices connecting to host-based supply chain/warehouse management, inventory control and distribution systems. Stay-Linked provides wireless 5250, 3270 and VT100/220 terminal emulation, host-based wireless connection reliability and session persistence, as well as secure/encrypted data transmission between wireless terminal devices and hosts.

Stay-Linked also features an Administrator GUI console application, allowing centralized support staff to monitor and control all wireless terminal user sessions running on the host in real-time. Full details of Stay-Linked’s features and their value can be found online at http://www.stay-linked.com/, including a high-level12-minute streaming presentation with narrated audio explanations.

Stay-Linked’s licensing is based on the number of simultaneous host connections versus licensing each device separately, making it highly cost-effective and easy to deploy. Stay-Linked enjoys a large installed base of satisfied customers and was the Gold Award winner in its category for TechTarget/Search400.com’s Products of the Year for 2003.

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