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Corporate Finance (CF50)
March 20, 2018  
Corporate Finance (CF50)
Corporate Finance
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Corporate Finance
Allstate Workplace Division launches worksite app for agents
August 3, 2004
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Northbrook, Ill. -- Allstate Workplace Division has launched a new electronic worksite application program called AllApp(SM) for independent insurance agents contracted to sell Allstate Workplace Division products. AllApp(SM) features a combined product illustration and application tool, automatic underwriting capabilities and streamlined payroll deduction and billing.

"This type of service was typically reserved for larger employers, but with Allstate Workplace Division's AllApp(SM), agents can provide a similar level of attention and service to small business owners," says David Bird, President, Allstate Workplace Division. "This new electronic application system eliminates paperwork inefficiencies and simplifies the enrollment process for both the agent and the customer."

Through the product illustration and application combination, agents are able to identify a customer's additional supplemental insurance needs in less time. Another time saving feature of AllApp(SM) is that only one signature capture is required for multiple product applications.

Before launching across the country, AllApp(SM) underwent a test pilot in Florida, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia, beginning in March of 2004. Bird says Allstate Workplace Division worked closely with independent agents during and after the pilot to fine-tune the program and provide what was needed to make their jobs more successful.

"Independent agents told us they wanted something that made it easier to do business with Allstate," says Bird. "So we made sure this program gathers and asks all the necessary questions up front in a more timely and efficient manner, updates product changes and information automatically and helps them use their laptop as a true marketing tool, not just a presentation tool."

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